Saturday, July 08, 2006

what is an ad tracker software

What is an Ad Tracker software?An Ad tracker is a program which tells you where visitors to your site have come from.There are two types of program:
Tracking software: your purchase the program outright and it is installed on your site.
Tracking services: you pay rental for third party service which runs independently of your site.How do you make your ads more effective?There are two key factors:
The content- the words you use in your headline and the body.
The location- where you place your adWhen you use an ad tracking program, you can identify the success rate of all your ad campaigns:
Your ad tracking program records the date and the time when your URL has been clicked and detect where your visitor came from.
Ad tracker can tell you how many sales resulted from a keyword in a pay per click engine and show you where your customer visited after leaving your site.Your tracking reports which show you how many clicks have been made to that page from all different sources will look something like this.The main purpose of ad tracker was, of course, to record all hits to your site from or to the site that you promote from the ad that you place.This will help you decide how to improve your ads for better performance.Ad tracking software tracks the return on investment of your pay per click compaigns, autoresponders, article, affiliate, ebookand reciprocal links, newsletter,and banner.The following are some tools that can help you :AdSense Tracker is a real-time, server-based, Google AdSense ad tracking program, that tracks ad impressions, clicks, click-through rates, and web searches, by referrer, search engine, keywords, channels, domain, page, and ad format, to help you maximize your AdSense income.HyperTracker is a web-based service for tracking visitors and return on investment on virtual any ad or link.ClickTracks offers a unique way of analyzing web site traffic using interactive, graphically illustrated information to reveal visitor behavior patterns.

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