Saturday, March 24, 2007

How Comments and Track backs Are Important To Get Traffic To Your Blog

According to VIZU report "About two thirds report finding those blogs they read through other blogs", read more:

Comments and track backs are more important than other tools to get traffic to your blog but you should take many things in consideration when you will started to comment other people blog to get more appropriate results:

Start by searching for related Blogs to your blog topic or subject,
Become a reader to these blogs and begin by archives,
Bookmarks these blogs and schedule to visit them usually,
Every time you have a great comment, you will added your comments with a link to your own blog,
Write a post related to their posts where you have different opinions or more information about the post topic and leave a track back,
Avoid spamming their blogs with unrelated comments or tracking backs.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Most Important Five Guidelines To Build Inbound Links

The best way to rank well in search engines is to get high quality incoming links. Inbounds links will help your web site to get more traffic and will let your web site more popular.
Here are the most important guidelines to build your inbound links:

  1. Focus to get more links during long term and every time add some new links. Avoid getting massive inbound links in a short period.
  2. Get links from related web site that have a high page rank. The more related web site that link to yours the more chance to increase your rank.
  3. Submit your web site to web page that has less than 50 outbound links. The fewer outbound links, the better you can have more chance to help your web site to rank well for your specific keywords.
  4. Write more than one anchor text with the most important keywords that reflect your business and add for every new link different anchor text.
  5. Get reciprocal links with related web sites and with high page rank but did not waste your time with this strategy because they did not help you much.

There are many strategy to get inbound links but the most important that you do this correctly and with more optimization tactics.
Building natural inbound link to your web site will take time and effort. You can increase your online presence by using your imagination and create multiple ways to promote your web site.

Friday, March 16, 2007

What affiliate marketer should look for programs?

Affiliate marketer should select an affiliate program depend to many criteria:
- affiliate programs that offer a good commissions,
- related program to their web site,
- quality products and services,
- merchants reputation - it is waste of time if you promote a merchant that did not take his promise,
- Test, test, test, even reputable merchant you should test because there is much time that cookies did not work, or they did not respect time, such 90 days but in reality 2 days.
- Promote programs that convert well,
- Affiliate program with a good affiliate manager
- Affiliate program with useful and usable affiliate tools

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Affiliate marketing and the Online Buying Cycle

Affiliate marketing use search engine and pay per click advertising to drive traffic to their website and to their merchant's websites. To achieve their objectives they use keywords research tools which give them the last search for 30 days ago. With this tactic affiliate marketing lose the opportunity to interact with their potential buyers and didn't influence their purchase decisions.
According to different studies such as Yahoo search marketing consumers use different queries at different stages of the buying cycles and that generic search terms play a critical role during the research stage.
Consumers use search several times before purchase. Results found that searchers use generic keywords throughout the buying cycle but often refine to brand terms as they near a purchase.

Most online buyer's research purchases long before they transact. This pre-purchase period is likely the best opportunity to capture new customers and influence sales that might otherwise be lost. Affiliate marketing should consider the effects of latent conversions purchases were made more than 4 weeks after the last search. Given these findings, affiliate marketing should deploy a cookie of sufficient duration to accurately value the impact of their search marketing. Although prospects often refine their searches to use brand keywords as they get closer to a purchase, over 70% of search activity is carried out against generic keywords. Due to today’s ROI metric of click-to-purchase, many affiliate marketing may be overstating the value of brand keywords and understating the value of generic ones—thereby missing the opportunity to influence the purchase decision early in the cycle. By allocating budget to all types of keywords, advertisers can attract and engage in-market searchers throughout the entire buying cycle. By allocating more WebPages to all keywords, affiliate marketing can attract and engage in-market searchers throughout the entire buying cycle.

CONVERSIONS: THE END GAME BUT NOT THE FULL GAME The current practice in direct-response driven search engine marketing is to optimize keywords based on purchases. These studies indicate that while the search a consumer makes immediately prior to the purchase is more often a brand term, there are generic searches that precede that. A new ROI metric should recognize the value of generic search and encourage merchants to interact with searchers in a different manner. Knowing that generic searchers are less likely to purchase immediately, merchants might consider new goals such as keeping them at the site longer or capturing their email. Doing so could ultimately increase both sales and customer acquisition.

SEARCH IS PART OF THE BUYING CYCLE In order to drive sales growth through search, marketers need to cast a wide net of both generic and brand keywords. Buyers are taking their time, and the more information they are given, the better. ADVICE FOR affiliate marketing Awareness: Search is complementary to other media.
Integrate search. Coordinate with other marketing channels, both online and offline, and apply learning's and promotions from other channels.
Get clicks, get conversions. Generic keywords are invaluable as they present an opportunity to attract new customers or customers that might purchase elsewhere.
Be patient. Traffic from generic keywords may not convert right away but could still result in sales both on and offline. Consideration: Search is an opportunity seized or lost.
Leverage data feeds. Expand keyword portfolio, optimize keyword lists and identify generic keywords through data feeds.
Use your own data. Create keywords from log files to ensure you’re advertising what your consumers are already looking for.
Cast a wide net. Add plurals, variations, misspellings, and modifiers (e.g. find, shop for, buy, discount) to existing keywords.
Be resourceful. Leverage 3rd party data resources. Purchase: Traditionally, search yields an impressive ROI.
Know your customer. Understand the buying cycle for your products, in terms of duration and frequency of searches.
Lengthen cookie duration. Increasing cookie duration captures searchers who take their time to make a purchase.
Engage your customers. Don’t let them walk out of your store without a valuable exchange. Put more emphasis on emails, registration, personalization and other site interaction.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Earn Money From Affiliate Programs

There are simple steps to earn money from affiliate programs:
- Choose a niche market with less competitors
- Select the best affiliate programs that offer related products and services to your niche market,
- Build specific web page for every product or service,
- Write your recommendation for every product or service,
- Write articles related to your product and submit them to forums, articles directories and related web sites,
- Use your products name as your anchor text,
- Add the name of your product in the Url of the web page,
- Add the product name in the title,
- Add the name of the product or services in the description,
- Began your title, description metatag and your recommendation articles with your affiliate programs product or service name,
- Bold, italic, and underline your affiliate programs product name.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Affiliate Marketing: Use Video To Increase Your Income

Video advertising is new tool that can help affiliate marketer to increase affiliate commissions. The number of Internet user that watch video online increase day after day, and it is a great opportunity for an affiliate marketing to develop video ads related to products and services.
That they promote. Video advertising need some creative and new ideas to achieve your goals. To maximize an online video campaigns advertising effect, affiliate marketing should focus to the customer needs and what the latest technologies tools such as software, cameras, that help them to product powerful video ads.
There are many affiliate marketer and advertisers are adopted online and interactive forms of videos and they achieve good results.

1- Create Your slideshow
There are many sites where you can host videos for free. Create your online video using slideshow will help you to get more traffic to your web sites.

Many online web based offer you the opportunity to create slideshow. These programs enable you to take your images from anywhere on the internet and create a show:
· Give a title to this slideshow,
· Add Url where you would like to link,
· Add short description of this slideshow.

2- Use camera and create your video ads

Using camera to create video ads is more interested but this should take in consideration that you have a powerful idea that can increase your income.
Then uploaded this video to many free video hosting web sites such as:

Tag your video with your keywords and write a video description with some keywords and uplowded it to:

1. You Tube
2. Goggle video


technorati tags:

Friday, March 09, 2007

34 reasons to unsubscribe from a blog's RSS feed

Problogger are selected 34 reasons "why People unsubscribe from RSS feeds" after he collected them from comments related to his article "why they unsubscribe from a blog’s RSS feed." Blogger can make more useful and usable their blogs if they take in consideration these 34 reasons when they start new blog or they run now blog to maintain a long relationship with their readers.Take more information about these 34 reasons:

Blog Reader ship Report

Vizu answers research network are published the Blog Reader ship Report -march 2007. It is important to blogger to understand their target audience and to use this conclusion if you would like to success with Blog marketing.
- Two thirds of blog readers read more than three blogs regularly and many read daily.
- Quality of writing is a very important factor to attract your readers attention,
- Readers are more interested to personal interest and entertainment topics,
- Spanish blog audience read more blogs on a regular basis than English blog audience.
Read more this report:

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Best Way To Increase Traffic To Your Web Site

The best way to get traffic is search engines google yahoo msn,

  • How to rank well?
  • Quality content,
  • Posting forums is the best way and especially the reputable forums, try to get the most important forums in your business.
  • add link to other web site (anchor text play the most important, try to use many anchor text rich in keywords, select such as 10) anchor text use them in links and signature forums.
    Add your link to web site that in the URL where you will add the back link your keywords (ex. and the title of this web page is with your keywords.
    The number not more important these single details have more importance.
  • Use articles and submit them (choose articles directories that use your article title in the URL and in the title of the web page)
    pay attention this small details will help you to rank well which is different to get high page rank.
  • Use ezine marketing (classifieds ads free, there are many publishers that accept free classifieds ads, publish your articles in their ezine).
  • Blog but this need to get many articles with quality content
  • Comment blog, search for blog expert in your web site topic and try to add valuable comment and direct link to your web site.

  • Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    Affiliate marketing Use Yahoo! Answers To Increase Your traffic

    Affiliate marketing can profit from Yahoo! Answers to get more traffic and to get more links from a trust web site which is Yahoo. Yahoo! Answers offer the opportunity to get more people interested to your products and services and they need some to help them to take decision. Affiliate marketing can present as an expert in their field and answers more questions and drive traffic to their blogs, web sites or newsletter.

    The most important thing that you should respect the Yahoo! Answers conditions. It is not exception because all others web sites did not accept affiliate links such as articles directories, forums. The best way is to use advance search every time to get the most recent and related questions to your expertise field and try to answer them.
    To success it is important to plan this for long term and you will make an important profile link to your web sites from yahoo and you gain respect from Yahoo! Answers users which will be your readers and customers.
    It is better to use these web sites to build your credibility and you expand your expertise field.
    Here are some guidelines you should take in consideration when you will use Yahoo! Answers:
    Did not use advertisement which will be considered as spam and they will banned your profile.
    · Do your best to get useful answers to get help the asker and he/she will select your answer 'best answer" which will increase your credibility in this community,
    · Did not use your web site every time as source try to get useful information from other web sites such as wikipedia or experts blogs that you used them as your sources to build your knowledge.
    · Try to write articles about some subject that can help you to use them as sources and publish them in your Blog or web sites.
    · Try to plan for long term purpose and not short term which can destroy your reputation and your online business.

    Affiliate marketing: Top 15 Reasons To Failure Online

    Affiliate marketing failure for many reasons from online business:
    1. They things that affiliate marketing is easy and the fastest way to make online home business. Forget that affiliate marketing needs time and effort to get results.
    2. They did not search for the right information that helps them to get more results and understand how affiliate marketing can promote products and services online.
    3. They use an aggressive selling strategy which it is their not job. They should pre sell and let merchant close the sale.
    4. They select the most competitive niche market thinking it is the most important method to make money and determine their niche according to the high paying keywords and did not give importance to competition.
    5. They buy many e-book and software without profiting from them by testing and performing their knowledge. It is important to test every thing, because some strategies can work for some niche market but it is impossible to get results with the same strategy with another niche market.
    6. They did not take time to learn the best strategy to begin their business.
    7. They don't know how to choose the best affiliate program and what is the scam program. They did not have any idea about the process such as how to protect their commissions or which the merchant that use scam techniques to stole their commissions
    8. They promote the merchant products before they have a relationship with their readers and forget to promote their web sites and convert their visitors into readers. Which can help them to pre-sell by recommended them quality products or services?
    9. They use sales copy, classifieds ads or articles from the merchants without change them.
    10. They don't optimize the affiliate ads on their site or where they publish them
    11. They don't understand that you have to spend money to make money.
    12. Using inverted pyramid to promote online: they began to promote affiliate programs which are not the best online practise. It is important to get traffic then began to add products and services related to targeted audience.
    13. Did not have knowledge about how to promote online which is need to understand how to get traffic from search engines, internet marketing using ezine marketing, email marketing , posting forums, social networking
    14. they thing that affiliate is the easy way to make money and just add some affiliate links and account will be increase dramatically with an automatic system working for them 24/24 7/7 365/ 365 for spending just half an hour per week.
    15. Promote products and services they have any idea about them and no personal experience which can affect their reputation and recommendations .