Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Affiliate marketing Use Yahoo! Answers To Increase Your traffic

Affiliate marketing can profit from Yahoo! Answers to get more traffic and to get more links from a trust web site which is Yahoo. Yahoo! Answers offer the opportunity to get more people interested to your products and services and they need some to help them to take decision. Affiliate marketing can present as an expert in their field and answers more questions and drive traffic to their blogs, web sites or newsletter.

The most important thing that you should respect the Yahoo! Answers conditions. It is not exception because all others web sites did not accept affiliate links such as articles directories, forums. The best way is to use advance search every time to get the most recent and related questions to your expertise field and try to answer them.
To success it is important to plan this for long term and you will make an important profile link to your web sites from yahoo and you gain respect from Yahoo! Answers users which will be your readers and customers.
It is better to use these web sites to build your credibility and you expand your expertise field.
Here are some guidelines you should take in consideration when you will use Yahoo! Answers:
Did not use advertisement which will be considered as spam and they will banned your profile.
· Do your best to get useful answers to get help the asker and he/she will select your answer 'best answer" which will increase your credibility in this community,
· Did not use your web site every time as source try to get useful information from other web sites such as wikipedia or experts blogs that you used them as your sources to build your knowledge.
· Try to write articles about some subject that can help you to use them as sources and publish them in your Blog or web sites.
· Try to plan for long term purpose and not short term which can destroy your reputation and your online business.

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I also suggest that before using yahoo answers, read their terms of service. in that way, you will prevent your profile from being banned.