Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Affiliate marketing: Top 15 Reasons To Failure Online

Affiliate marketing failure for many reasons from online business:
1. They things that affiliate marketing is easy and the fastest way to make online home business. Forget that affiliate marketing needs time and effort to get results.
2. They did not search for the right information that helps them to get more results and understand how affiliate marketing can promote products and services online.
3. They use an aggressive selling strategy which it is their not job. They should pre sell and let merchant close the sale.
4. They select the most competitive niche market thinking it is the most important method to make money and determine their niche according to the high paying keywords and did not give importance to competition.
5. They buy many e-book and software without profiting from them by testing and performing their knowledge. It is important to test every thing, because some strategies can work for some niche market but it is impossible to get results with the same strategy with another niche market.
6. They did not take time to learn the best strategy to begin their business.
7. They don't know how to choose the best affiliate program and what is the scam program. They did not have any idea about the process such as how to protect their commissions or which the merchant that use scam techniques to stole their commissions
8. They promote the merchant products before they have a relationship with their readers and forget to promote their web sites and convert their visitors into readers. Which can help them to pre-sell by recommended them quality products or services?
9. They use sales copy, classifieds ads or articles from the merchants without change them.
10. They don't optimize the affiliate ads on their site or where they publish them
11. They don't understand that you have to spend money to make money.
12. Using inverted pyramid to promote online: they began to promote affiliate programs which are not the best online practise. It is important to get traffic then began to add products and services related to targeted audience.
13. Did not have knowledge about how to promote online which is need to understand how to get traffic from search engines, internet marketing using ezine marketing, email marketing , posting forums, social networking
14. they thing that affiliate is the easy way to make money and just add some affiliate links and account will be increase dramatically with an automatic system working for them 24/24 7/7 365/ 365 for spending just half an hour per week.
15. Promote products and services they have any idea about them and no personal experience which can affect their reputation and recommendations .

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