Monday, March 12, 2007

Affiliate Marketing: Use Video To Increase Your Income

Video advertising is new tool that can help affiliate marketer to increase affiliate commissions. The number of Internet user that watch video online increase day after day, and it is a great opportunity for an affiliate marketing to develop video ads related to products and services.
That they promote. Video advertising need some creative and new ideas to achieve your goals. To maximize an online video campaigns advertising effect, affiliate marketing should focus to the customer needs and what the latest technologies tools such as software, cameras, that help them to product powerful video ads.
There are many affiliate marketer and advertisers are adopted online and interactive forms of videos and they achieve good results.

1- Create Your slideshow
There are many sites where you can host videos for free. Create your online video using slideshow will help you to get more traffic to your web sites.

Many online web based offer you the opportunity to create slideshow. These programs enable you to take your images from anywhere on the internet and create a show:
· Give a title to this slideshow,
· Add Url where you would like to link,
· Add short description of this slideshow.

2- Use camera and create your video ads

Using camera to create video ads is more interested but this should take in consideration that you have a powerful idea that can increase your income.
Then uploaded this video to many free video hosting web sites such as:

Tag your video with your keywords and write a video description with some keywords and uplowded it to:

1. You Tube
2. Goggle video


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Of all the video sites you presented, Youtube is the well known and most convenient to use. Each video has the URL or embed link wherein you can post the video to anywhere that supports video embedding.